Hiring Event Crew Agencies to Erect Tensile Structure at LC Carnival

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For the most recent LC Carnival, we decided to do something a bit different with the structures we had at the event. We hired in some event crew agencies who helped us to erect a tensile structure in the form of a circus tent. We think the nature of the structure really added to the event and looked fantastic on site.

Find out how it went on-site in this article today.

The Tensile Structure Trend

Nowadays, if you attend a festival in the UK or abroad you are bound to run into some form of tensile structure. This modern form of the temporary building is proving to be extremely popular at festivals and carnivals worldwide. In order to jump in on this trend, we had to make sure to find something unique that celebrated the LC Carnival event. In the end, we went with VBS Structures who have plenty of experience in providing a brilliant tensile structure.

Circus Tent Style

When looking at which tensile structure to choose for our carnival, we debated between the modern white style which is often seen in art galleries or exhibitions, and the circus tent style often seen at festivals. We decided, in the end, to go for the more circus tent style as it conveyed the sense of fun and excitement that we want everyone to feel when attending the LC Carnival. Our choice of colours, in the end, was a class red and yellow combination, matching many of the key themes of our carnival.

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Perfect for a Carnival

The light structure ensures that people can party into the night with shelter, but also is not a stuffy space. Once the event crew agencies had erected the structure, it became the perfect party space for all of our carnival attendees. Not to mention, this type of tensile structure is far easier to erect and take down than, for example, a building made of walls and a ceiling.

Event Crew Agencies for Construction

Not only did we have to source the perfect team for our tensile structure circus tent, but we also needed to find the right event crew agencies to erect the thing. There are a few companies we normally go with, but on this occasion we found TenTen Events to be really reliable. They had our structure up quickly and it looked fantastic at the Carnival site.

Carnival Loadout

Not only were our event crew agencies quick to have our tensile structure erected, but they were also brilliant when it came to our carnival loadout. The best thing about this type of structure was that it was easier to take down and store into the transport, than perhaps a more solid structure may have been. It ended up being one of the fastest load-outs that LC Carnival has had!