How to Stay Fit Over the Festive Season

Christmas Hot Chocolate - how not to stay fit

From now until the first few days of 2018 your calendar is likely filled with parties, family dinners and lots of festive treats. Most people all suffer the same problem at Christmas time of falling off their healthy bandwagon and sometimes even putting on a little extra weight. It is extremely difficult this time of year as there are too many temptations plus you want to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. However there is a way you can stay on track or at least avoid losing your healthy stride entirely over this year’s festive period. Follow this guide for some advice on staying fit over the festive season.

Stay Active Wherever Possible

You may not be able to fit in the usual number of trips to the gym however you should try and get moving whenever there is opportunity to. For example take the stairs instead of the lift. Park your car a little further away from the supermarket or if you take the bus, get off one stop early. Bad weather at this time of year can sometimes hinder our plans to stay active outdoors however there is always the option of walking briskly as you do your Christmas shopping. If you work at an office try to get up once every hour to stretch your legs, if you can try and jog on the sport or do a few squats for a few minutes. This will keep the blood flowing and help your health long term.

Sleeping longer over Christmas to stay fit

Stay Hydrated and Take Notes

Our brains can confuse thirst for hunger, the chances are you are not drinking enough water. Add that in combination to Christmas biscuits being passed around is going to be an issue. Drink plenty of water to try and curb your hunger. Also take a note of what you are eating every day and be honest. If you read over what you are consuming every day you will probably be less likely to overindulge. It is far too easy to binge on cakes and chocolates and put it out of our minds. Keep track to help you stay on track.


Exercise First and Sleep Well

We all know the struggle of working all day, coming home in the pitch black, pouring rain and realising you would rather do anything but get to the gym. Winter is generally really difficult to get stuff done as the majority of the time it’s dark and cold. Try working out in the morning. This means that your work out is already done and you will have more time in the evening to complete the probable million and one other things on your to do list. This also means that if you are extremely tried you can go to bed early. Lack of light can actually make us feel more tired. Don’t feel bad about going to bed early, with all the excess socialising and organising you are doing it isn’t surprising that your body needs time to recuperate.

Christmas champagne doesn't help stay fit