Filling up on the Street Food Trend

Street food

Originating in Asia, Street food has spread across the world and into the hands of Britain. Rivalling restaurants and bars, foodies turn to the mid-way point between fast and finger food proving this trend is here to stay.

Why has Street Food become so popular

Eventbrite conducted a survey of over 2000 people where 75% believe it’s worth paying more money for a unique dining experience. Most of them felt street food dining is a memorable experience often held in distinctive places adding to the experience.  It also gives the chance for budding chefs to have their own identity and create their own dishes to serve on their terms.

Street food

Where did Street Food start in the UK?

Whilst there were many food events held in the capital, street food markets have popped up all over the country in recent years. Old warehouses, abandoned street lanes and edgy sites are all being used to host street food markets. In 2012, Street Feast took over vacant sites in London where it has become a recognisable name in the foodie industry.


How it Help’s

Street food markets have had a massive impact on social change. It’s helped create more jobs in the hospitality industry and as a platform for small businesses. There has been numerous cases of street food chefs who have taken upon a permanent residence for their business since starting the street food circuit.


Massive boost to festivals

We are no stranger in the UK to gorging on overpriced burgers and chips at a festival since there’s little other choice. However, with the street food surge, festivals are beginning to see this aspect as a priority of a successful festival by including a range of street food vendors. This allows customers to enjoy good food without worrying about paying that bit extra. It really does shape a festival goers experience by the food quality and choice.


Quick and Convenient

Everyone is always rushing to get to the next step of the day. We tend to become easily frustrated waiting in a queue for a measly meal deal from the local shop. Street food has become a quick and convenient way for people to enjoy good food.

Not to mention convenience for the vendors themselves. By setting up to sell food from a van it is a cost effective and mobile way to serve your customers.


Hipster flair

Street food markets have become an instagrammer/bloggers dream. With vendors finding new and creative ways to stand out from the crowd with a minivan selling prosecco on tap to a giant orange selling fresh juice. This works in the vendors favour as it works as free marketing and promotion. So the more creative you get the more social media coverage.