Digital Marketing Glasgow Tips You Should Use For Your Event

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Digital has taken over. Flyers have become a thing of the past as we are bombarded with event invitations via social media. Thanks to advanced targeting on social media platforms like Facebook, event organisers can now reach their festivals target market faster than ever before.  Are you looking for some tips on how you can promote your event? Digital marketing Glasgow Agency, Smarter Digital Marketing share some top tips for event planning with us.

Create a Hashtag

First things first, if you want to gain a strong social media following you should provide your festival goers with a unique hashtag which is just for them. Hashtags are an excellent wat of creating social buzz.

The will also increase participation before the event which could boost attendance. The top tips for creating your event hashtag would be to keep it relevant, short and engaging.

Once you have decided on a hashtag for your event, make sure you are using it too! Add your hashtag to all of your promotional material, this includes your event website, email accounts, social networks and mobile app if necessary.

Hashtags are an excellent tool post event, as you will have all the feedback you need collected for you: photos, post and videos which you can use next time around!


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Blogging will be a big part of your digital marketing strategy. Smarter Digital Marketing who are an SEO Glasgow provider say that you should add weekly blogs to your website which you can share on your website. Blogs can be based on anything at all, just make sure they are interested. Festival checklists, guides and handbooks are great ideas and will target the market that you are looking for.

Their SEO experts say that “writing unique, high-quality content and providing helpful information to customers is the best strategy for engaging your website’s visitors.”

Smarter also suggest that you outreach to other bloggers. This will give your website domain authority and will help to spread the work about your festival further afield.  

 Use Social Media

Make sure you are reaching out to potential festival goers and you can do this without even leaving the sofa. We mentioned Facebook events previously, make one!

Social media platforms like Facebook are the perfect channels for event planners. These are the social media sites were users initiate conversations, tag their friends and share the events which you are putting on.

Social media campaigns do not have to be expensive. But if you do want to reach a wider market, setting some money aside for your Facebook advertising campaign isn’t a bad idea at all!

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Use Your Networks

Networking is everything. Get other local businesses involved by creating a Facebook page for your event. By promoting what others are doing you are targeting their network too.

Make the most of your business Facebook page by posting about relevant topics regularly, post photos and previews and maybe even a teaser video to initiate hype around your event. The more that you post, the more shares you are likely to get.