The Best Caribbean Festivals in The UK

Whether you have a Caribbean influence or just love the culture, you are bound to enjoy these Caribbean festivals held in the UK. With something for everyone, from food and drink to powerful music, Caribbean festivals are the place to be this year! Here is a list of some of the best Caribbean festivals across the country.

Birmingham Caribbean Festival

The Caribbean food, culture, music and dance is at its best at this festival. Held in the centre of Birmingham, where there is a large Caribbean community, this festival celebrates their culture and everything about it!

The festival has a huge variety of different entertainment available with the legendary Levi Roots making an appearance, showing some of his cooking skills. They also have reggae tribute acts, dynasty dancers and, a storyteller and poet. As well as this, they have a traditional head wrapping workshop that can recreate traditional Caribbean head wrapping.

One thing we can’t forget is the food that they have available, traditional Caribbean food is on offer that fully represents the Caribbean culture. Most of the food that is served at the festival has been produced by the local shop owners and chefs in the area that specialise in Caribbean food.

The festival was created to showcase and celebrate Caribbean food and drink as well as to support Birmingham’s diverse food and drinks industry.

Caribbean performer

Leicester Caribbean Carnival

Leicester throws its Caribbean Carnival every year to celebrate the diverse cultures in Leicester, as well as, keeping the Caribbean culture alive. This popular multicultural event celebrates a huge variety of Caribbean traditions by making them available to the people of Leicester.

This is not just a Caribbean festival; it is one of the largest Caribbean events in the East Midland with over 100,000 people estimated to attend the event! This event was created to bring all forms of Leister’s diverse communities together to enjoy the Caribbean culture in a fun packed carnival.

Caribbean Carnival of Manchester

This free carnival, held in Alexandra park in Manchester has been bringing the Caribbean culture to the people of Manchester for over 40 years. This vibrant carnival has become the largest celebration of Caribbean music and carnival arts in the North West!

The lively carnival celebrates true Caribbean music, dance, costume and theatre in the best way possible. With over 15 food and drink stalls, there is something for everyone.

The carnival is spread over two days and is filled with plenty of entrainment, from professional Caribbean dancers to live DJs, there is lots of fun to be had at the Manchester Caribbean carnival.

carnival dancer

 Derby Caribbean Carnival

Filled with Caribbean food, drink and entertainment, the Derby Caribbean Carnival is not to be missed. Derby has held a Caribbean carnival for over 42 years and has one of the highest quality carnival parades in the country.

The carnival is home to some of the most amazing Caribbean dancers, that perform on the busy streets and with over 25,00 local people enjoying the Carnival is it something to be enjoyed.

The carnival is spread over two days and includes traditional Caribbean food and drink, providing you with a real feel for the Caribbean culture.


A Flavour for the Caribbean

If you would like to delve into the Caribbean culture and enjoy some of the food and drink it has to offer, then one of these Caribbean festivals is for you!