Using Euro Crates to Turn Your Storage Issues on their Head

placing euro containers on a dolly will allow them to be moved with ease.

A large portion of businesses in the UK are being held back by the storage capabilities they currently have. Exporta Global sell a wide variety of products that can turn your storage issues on their head. Euro crates are a hero product which, considering their price, are a very cost effective way of improving the storage capabilities of your business.

Since being primarily used in the automotive industry, Euro crates have gone on to be well loved in a diverse number of industries and businesses. Euro stacking containers will allow you to utilise the space you currently have, allowing your business to store more items than ever before.

The limitations of lacking storage space

a euro container can be used to store a large number of items

As a business you will be focused on becoming more productive, efficient and profitable. If you are lacking in storage space this can seriously hold you back in terms of moving your business forward. Using euro stacking containers will allow you to make use of the space you have available by allowing you to stack containers vertically where they were previously unable to.

If your business is involved in manufacturing, you will have a great deal of parts and end products which need stored. If you cannot store and locate these items with ease, then you could face a break down in productivity. Organising your Euro crates will allow you to take on more projects than ever before.

Using euro stacking containers

You can now store more items than ever before and the best part is you don’t need to move to bigger premises. The large capacity of Euro crates means that you simply fill them with as much as needed and then place them on top of one another. Make a base layer first and then start stacking as required.

By placing the containers in a tower, you can fit more into the small space you have available. Rather than spreading the euro crates out over a large surface area, you can place them on top of one another and keep them well organised. In order to fully take advantage of the benefits provided by Euro crates, you should also consider some additional points.

Additional points to consider

Although using euro stacking containers in their own right is hugely beneficial, you could be using extra measures to make the most of them:

  • Always clearly label your Euro crates – Once you have packed and stacked your containers, you should ensure that they are clearly labelled to allow employees to easily find them.
  • Use dividers – Using dividers allows you to store multiple different products within the one container. Many euro crates are not properly utilised because people don’t want to mix different items together, leaving half of the container empty – a missed opportunity and a huge waste.
  • Get them from A. to B. – Once you have filled your euro crates they can be extremely heavy. Using a euro container dolly will ensure that employees don’t injure themselves whilst trying to move the full containers around the workplace.euro crates are one of the most versatile storage products on the market