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Celebrate In Style With Islay Whisky

Carnival season may be over but as we prepare for the winter months it is time to invest in some classic bottles of Islay whisky. If you are looking for advice when it comes down to Islay whisky, your best bet is The Rare Malt Whisky Company.

The Rare Malt Whisky Company is modernising the traditional world of whisky, selling rare bottles of Islay whisky online. The shop was founded and set up by Lesley Henderson, a young, Scottish entrepreneur and whisky enthusiast.

Islay Whisky Brands

If you are not familiar with the best brands of Islay whisky, then head over to The Rare Malt Whisky Company website. Lesley has an excellent knowledge of whisky tasting and buying. She started her career at a world-class whisky distillery, she can now source specific bottles if you are searching for one in particular. Below are just a few brands of expensive whisky that Lesley stocks. 

Big Adventures in The UK

Childhood is a fantastic time. From family holidays to carefree excursions to outdoor centres, it is a time for a child to explore, expand, and experience. The memories we create and the experiences we go through as a kid have a huge impact on our overall development as an individual, so making sure that we get them right is important. This is why adventure consultants are so important in planning and undertaking activities with kids, especially when it comes to outdoor activities.

Celebrating The Success of TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer, a prestigious watch brand that has been creating watches for over 150 years. The watch company is known for breaking boundaries and pushing passed conventions in traditional Swiss watchmaking. Due to their years of service within the watch industry, we have taken some time to look over the watch brands success which has been sparked from passion and innovation.

Tag Heuer is one of the world’s leading watch brands. Over the years they have created some of the world’s most precise watches. If you are the owner of a TAG Heuer watch we will also talk you through the process of TAG Heuer repair.


The TAG Timeline

  • 1914: It was not until 1914 that Heuer’s first wrist watch was created.
  • 1916: Heuer invented the “micrograph” , the first stop watch with an accuracy of 1/100 of a second.
  • 1950s: In the early 1950’s Heuer was creating watches for Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • 1962: TAG Heuer became the first Swiss watch in space; John Glenn wore a stop watch by the brand when piloting Mercury Atlas 6 spacecraft.
  • 1970: During the 1970’s TAG Heur introduced their first digital chronosplit,
  • 2010: TAG Heuer introduced the ‘Pendulum Concept’, the first magnetic oscillator without hairspring capable of providing restoring torque comparable to that of hairspring.
  • 2017: Today, the TAG Heuer family still enjoys leadership of the brand with Jack Heuer, the great grandson of the founder as an Honorary Chairman.


 tag watch repairs

TAG Repair “Don’t Crack Under Pressure”

The TAG Heuer’s motto is ‘don’t crack under pressure’, if you need to get your TAG Heuer watch fixed then it should be completed by a professional.  Repairs by Post are a watch repair brand that covers the whole of Leeds and the UK. They work with TAG Heuer watches every day and have seen a fair few over the years. They say that they “aim to honour this motto and remedy any problems you may encounter with your TAG Heuer watch repair professionally and expertly. We offer Tag watch battery replacement, Tag Heuer watch repair, servicing and restoration through our convenient online service”

Repairs By Post have over 30 years experience in dealing with TAG Heuer watches so you can be confident your much loved timepiece is in the best hands while it is away from yours. Sending your watch away from home may seem daunting, however, Manchester is only a short journey from Leeds. By sending your  TAG Heuer watch repair to Repairs By Post it will be given five-star treatment.

tag watch servicing

Looking After A TAG Heuer Watch

Once you are the owner of a TAG Heuer watch you will never look back. The best way to look after your watch and to avoid TAG Heuer watch repair is to keep it away from movements that may cause shock.  A TAG is designed to resist impact but occasions where it may come under excess stress should be avoided. If this was to occur you would send it to a TAG watch repair company like Repairs By Post who can examine the damage.


Things To Do In Leeds Today

Get outdoors this summer in Leeds. Our great city has a number of great bars and restaurants, but sometimes it is better to venture outdoors. We have something for the whole family and you can enjoy everything from gardens to playgrounds, and wildlife to water.

Our guide includes a park that is one of the most popular in Europe and an abbey that is surrounded with some of the most beautiful scenery this side of the UK.

You are spoilt for choice here in Leeds and there are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had. Find out some of the best outdoor spots in the city here.

Professional Advice From Website Builder UK

Are you a local business in Leeds just starting out in business? Your business can send and sell products across the UK thanks to e-commerce,  all you need is a good website. If you want a good website you can do this easily nowadays by yourself online.  You may have to invest time into your website, however, a good website will get you places. Using a website builder will help you achieve this.If you have never built a website before and are unfamiliar with all of the tech Website Builder

You may have to invest time into your website, however, a good website will get you places. Using a website builder will help you achieve this.If you have never built a website before and are unfamiliar with all of the tech Website Builder UK offer customers a 30 day free trial so they can try out their software to see if it suits them. Always try before you buy!

Outdoor Courses in The UK


Would you like to take your outdoor skills to the next level? Learning about water rescue and rope access training will boost your confidence when partaking in sports outside. Become the trainer and learn skills that may save one of your team members in times of trouble.


Water Rescue

Outdoor Safety Training provides a water rescue and “Canyon Rescue Workshop”, with all specialist equipment provided for just £275. It is a 3-day course which covers all the skills that are necessary to perform self-rescues and team rescues in a canyon environment.

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Moving To Leeds: Big Boxes Guide

The cost of living in Leeds is much cheaper than other European cities. If you are thinking about moving from London into Leeds, don’t be scared! There is a lot going on in Leeds. It is a vibrant city with lots of great locations where you can eat and drink.

It is an excellent choice for students too, with a number of good colleges and universities in the area. Leeds is also known to be one of the best places for shopping in the UK and those who move there will be spoilt for choice.

If you have decided to pack up and move to Leeds, here are some tips if you want to buy boxes online. From big boxes to small boxes, you will need a mix to get through your next big move! We have taken advice from Big Brown Box, a company that sells cardboard boxes online.

What PRINCE2 Could Give To Your Business

A good project manager has the ability to business projects forward. They will motivate their time and manage tasks in an analytical fashion. The role of a project manager is to improve the chances of a project’s success.

You may not think it, but these skills can be learned on the job and through a professional development course. If you are looking to gain project manager status, you could do this by gaining a formal, industry recognised qualification.

If you are currently working as a project manager and would like to improve client satisfaction within your business, you can now advance by partaking in an online training course. There are a number of courses to choose from, however, in recent years, Prince2 Training has worked its way to the top of the list.

Digital Marketing Glasgow Tips You Should Use For Your Event

Digital has taken over. Flyers have become a thing of the past as we are bombarded with event invitations via social media. Thanks to advanced targeting on social media platforms like Facebook, event organisers can now reach their festivals target market faster than ever before.  Are you looking for some tips on how you can promote your event? Digital marketing Glasgow Agency, Smarter Digital Marketing share some top tips for event planning with us.

Types of Caribbean Dance and Music

There is a vast amount of islands that are part of the Caribbean and associate themselves as being a location in the Caribbean. For this reason, there are many different cultural influences that make up the Caribbean culture. One thing that is influenced by the variety of cultures is the Caribbean music and dance.

There are many different dance styles associated to the Caribbean, as well as a variety of music with a Caribbean influence. Here is a rundown of the different music and dance styles in the Caribbean.